Prime is a South African coating and process specialist company that provides a range of consulting services to the automotive, industrial, construction, mining, chemical and pipeline industries. Owner Mark Terblanche uses his more than 21 years experience to assist companies to optimize departmental processes; maintain high quality coating protection; and prepare for ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditation.


Prime provides:
  • A professional coatings inspection and corrosion control service provided by a NACE Level 3 inspector to ensure coatings match job, industry and statutory requirements.
  • A process optimization service that improves the supply chain and customer satisfaction by applying Kaizen or ‘continuous improvement’ analysis and root-cause problem solving techniques.

Prime has extensive experience in automotive and industrial paint formulation, manufacturing, testing, and technical services, working with major OEM’s Toyota, Ford, BMW, MBSA, VWSA and GMSA, and industry leaders NAMPAK/DIVFOOD, PPG Industrial Coatings and ICI Packing Coatings. We provide holistic packages to improve quality and productivity, using an analytical approach that provides creative solutions.


Prime assists companies to meet their customers’ expectations by continuously improving all processes involved in producing and delivering a quality product. We perform systematic audits and reviews of these processes to find areas for supply chain improvement, providing solutions and recommendations.

The methods we use are based on the Kaizen continuous improvement approach. We use problem solving and root-cause techniques such as Ishikawa diagrams, the Kepner-Tregoe decision making model, and the 5 Why question-answer analysis to explore the cause-effect relationship underlying a particular problem, find its root cause and suggest solutions.

Prime also helps companies achieve ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditation by performing a Needs Analysis and Risk Assessment and producing an action plan to qualify for certification.
Coatings Inspection
& Corrosion Control
Prime specializes in three areas of coatings inspection: new installations; maintenance contracts; and defects analysis. A coating is any layer that is applied to a substrate to protect either that substrate or the product from degradation. Inspection is a critical function when one takes into account the fact that corrosion, due to coating failure, contributes to 80% of all industrial maintenance and expenditure.

Prime’s coatings inspection role is to obtain, read and understand the specification and supporting documents; then observe, record and report on the coating project. This ensures that the coating supplied matches the requirements of the job and/or industry; is applied according to the Product Data Sheet stipulations; and meets mandatory, statutory and SHE requirements.
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