Coatings Inspection & Corrosion Control

Role of a Coatings Inspector

A qualified coatings inspector is part of a multi-disciplinary team on a high performance coatings project. They perform an important role in ensuring adherence to quality standards in industries such as automotive, chemical, mining, pipeline, marine and offshore, construction and refineries.

The inspector’s main function is to provide a quality control service and ensure that the Scope of Work is followed. The rest of the project team usually comprises the owner; a specifier, who writes and authorizes the Scope of Work or Specification; a contractor responsible for surface preparation, application and/or construction; and a paint supplier that provides the coating material.

Services offered

Prime owner Mark Terblanche is a qualified NACE Level 3 inspector with a strong chemical background. Prime is therefore skilled in four essential areas of coating inspection:
  • Ensuring the correct material is specified during the design phase of the project
  • Inspection during substrate preparation and product application.
  • Inspection of existing structures for coating maintenance over time.
  • Defect analysis of failed coatings and remedial action recommendations

Project design

During the project design phase of a coating project the Scope of Works is drafted and formalized by the specifier, paint supplier and the coatings inspector.

Inspection During Application

During application the coatings inspector observes, records and reports key data during preparation; ensures that specifications are adhered to; and does post-application checks.


Coating Inspectors are an essential part of planned or breakdown maintenance at a plant, performing inspections and recommending remedial action where necessary.

Defect Analysis

If a coating fails before its expected lifespan, a coating inspector (CI) will perform a defect analysis using experience, knowledge and high-tech analytical tools.

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