Coating Inspectors are an essential part of planned or breakdown maintenance at a plant, performing inspections and recommending remedial action where necessary.

No matter how well planned and executed, no coating lasts forever. Planned or breakdown maintenance will be necessary at some point. A coating survey is required here to determine the degree of degradation and the type of remedial action needed, and this role is performed by a coating inspector (CI).

The CI works alongside the owner’s engineering team and paint supplier to ensure that the coating system they design will complement the existing system, preventing further corrosion. The CI needs a thorough knowledge of the plant, products and processes to perform inspections and recommend remedial action.

Maintenance requires a well written Scope of Work to enable the contractor to coat only the areas of concern while maintaining the integrity of the existing coating system. Maintenance work also usually takes place within the confines of a working plant, so strict adherence to SHE principles is mandatory.

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