Process Optimisation

About Process optimization

Process optimization is a tool to help industry achieve designated objectives such as higher returns, increased through-put or better yields. It is a systematic approach to improving performance that begins with an audit or review of the company’s processes, which highlights where there are opportunities for improvement.

Using the principles of root-cause analysis, Prime assists companies to eliminate process failures, product defects or technical inefficiencies and achieve their stated objectives.

Control systems are often overlooked in the process of introducing a new product. Prime can act as an external, independent authority that co-ordinates the activities of the development team, production department and quality control department to ensure the process of producing that product meets specifications.

Services offered

Using his experience in the field of Quality and Environmental Auditing under the framework of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, as well as his 21 years in automotive and industrial paint formulation, manufacture, testing and technical service, Mark Terblanche of Prime offers clients looking to improve their processes a package of services that includes:
  • process optimization
  • root-cause analysis
  • ISO auditing

Process Optimisation

The starting point for process optimization is a review of the company’s processes to establish opportunities for optimization and achieve company goals such as reducing costs, improving efficiency or maximizing output.

Root-cause Analysis

Root-cause analysis (RCA) uses a number of techniques to explore the cause-effect relationship to help identify, contain, correct and prevent defects within a process or product.

ISO Auditing

ISO accreditation is achieved through the SABS or the NQA, but Prime offers preparation and pre-audit assistance to clients in the chemical industry looking to qualify for ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditation.
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