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Process Optimisation
Process optimization in industry is the practice of improving the performance of a process to achieve a specific goal such as reducing costs, improving efficiency or maximizing output. An audit or review of operational controls can often highlight areas where there is room for improvement in order to achieve these goals.

Prime’s Mark Terblanche has had many years of experience in this field, particularly in resin and paint formulation, manufacturing, testing, application and technical support. This background plus Mark’s in-depth knowledge of Total Quality Management enables Prime to add value to every client’s endeavors to optimize processes within the client’s company to achieve their goals.

To analyze processes, Prime uses root-cause analysis tools such as Ishikawa diagrams; Kepner-Tregoe decision making techniques; and the 5 Why question-answer method to find the cause-effect relationship underlying a particular problem or defect, find its root cause and establish possible solutions. It’s a systematic approach to ‘change for the better’ or Kaizen, a Japanese philosophy that focuses on continuous improvement in all areas throughout the life of a business.
Coatings Inspection & Corrosion Control
Coating inspection plays a critical role in any high performance coating project undertaken in industries such as automotive, chemical, mining, pipeline, marine and off-shore, construction and refineries. The coatings play a vital role in protecting a substrate or product from degradation.

Prime’s function is to provide quality control and ensure that the Scope of Work is followed in four areas:
  • Assisting with correct material selection during the design phase of the project
  • Inspections during surface preparation and product application
  • Maintenance of coated surfaces through surveys and recommended remedial action
  • Defect analysis of coatings that fail before their expected lifespan
On coating projects Prime, as the coating inspector, is part of a multi-disciplinary team including the owner, specifier, contractor and paint supplier.

The coating being applied could include paint, rubber, cement or fibre-reinforced linings. The coating inspector’s function in each case remains the same: to obtain, read and understand the specification and supporting documents; then to observe, record and report on the coating project.
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